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Your Nan’s on Instagram

Your Nan’s on Instagram.

At school pick up you learn a lot. There is normally an intense ten minutes of conversation where parents talk at high speed before the kids come out. Last week’s hot topic was foolish teenagers posting pictures of themselves on Instagram with no thought about who would see it, as one of the mums pointed out “and I said to them, your Nan’s on Instagram!”

It made me laugh because as well as being the ideal title for the teenagers’ first rock album, it rang true, older people are on social. I think maybe marketers need to be reminded of this too

If we take the age you could technically become a Nan or Granddad as bit on the young side as 45 and over (I know, I’m brushing the sides of this category myself and my daughter is only six), but that is the data I have available so go with me here.

27.3% of the over 45’s said Instagram was their favourite social platform.

And more for the ‘Nans’- 16.8% of women over 45 said Instagram was their favourite social platform.

And that is not counting all the over 45’s who are on Instagram, but it isn’t their favourite platform.

Many years ago, when I was working on a direct mail campaign for an agricultural company, we supercharged response rates by increasing the font size to 14 which made it much more accessible for our target audience of Irish farmers, most of which were over 60 and couldn’t actually read the small print.

Sometimes it is the obvious tweaks that can make all the difference. So next time you are looking at potential audiences, or product launches don’t forget:

Your Nan’s on Instagram.

Source: Digital 2022: Global Overview Report. is available at


Memories of the Ploughing.

As I reach for a Lemsip I smile and think yes here it is my annual Ploughing Championships cold.

I used to blame the Championships for my annual sniffles, the stress of the busiest time of year. Will our clients’ leaflets get there? Will the signage all be the right way up? Would the many different promotional items arrive in time and be printed in the right branding colours, would we ever find a parking space?

For those of you who don’t know what the Ploughing is you may be picturing a quaint scene in rural Ireland with a few tractors, which is part of it, but now supersize that to include everything from a Céilí to a fashion show and try to visualise the fact that on the opening day yesterday they welcomed 91,500 people through the gates!

Forget Glastonbury, the Ploughing championships is Europe’s largest outdoor event and if you do the full 3 days you will feel like you have been to Glastonbury twice.

It must be the only place you can watch a ploughing competition, get a fake tan, and buy a new hat and a tractor, as well as getting countless goody bags and your fill of ham sandwiches. I will never forget the haunted face of the man at the Denny tent wiping the sweat off his brow as he produced yet another cooked ham to be devoured by a group of fifty children who descended like locusts.

Another memory is the lady on the tannoy, narrating the day’s events and news in real-time, “Michael is here at the lost children’s tent looking for his parents Michael Senior and Bridget, he is dressed in cords and a navy jumper and he tells me he is sixty years of age, but sure you are always someone’s child.” Also, I had heard the phrase tyre kicker, but at the Ploughing I saw it in action, people actually do kick tyres.

Who goes to the Ploughing?  Everybody, families, kids, farmers of course, politicians’, Agricultural firms, in fact, any business that is in any way connected to the countryside all gather together to showcase their wares and enjoy what is usually the tail end of the summer sunshine.  

It’s been at least 7 years since I went to the Ploughing and it is back this year for the first time in 3 years after Covid, so I have to admit my September cold can’t really be blamed on the Ploughing but for me, Lemsip, golden sunshine and a ham sandwich will always conjure up memories of the  Ploughing Championship. For all of you exhibiting and attending I hope the sun stays shining and that you have the best time, and for those of you doing the full three days I salute you!

Photo by Lomig on Unsplash

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GA4- Time to act!

There are two types of people in the world, those who got the email from Google to inform them that Universal Google Analytics would be updating to a new version called GA4 and thought “right this sounds interesting and important I better start doing some research and come up with a plan about how we migrate our website analytics over, so we keep all our metrics and tracking.

And then there was the rest of us who thought “Ugh why do they keep changing things?  I just got the hang of that version, I better look at it I guess, I mean I will when I get 5 minutes, and then we carefully filed it away to the important, but not very interesting pile and we will  look at when we can’t avoid it any longer.

Well, I have bad news and good news.

The bad news is that it is important, and you need to start planning for it because Universal Analytics is ending in July 2023 and if you haven’t moved over to GA4 you will lose your existing analytics data (although there is a 6 month grace period). After that time, you won’t have a reference point to compare traffic to moving forward.

So, you need to upgrade to Google Analytics now, or as soon as possible before July 2023.

The good news is that we have a team full of the type of person who loves data and are informed, skilled and ready to make this transition for you.

The sooner you have a plan for moving over to GA4 the better, the more time you have ahead of July 2023 means the more data you will have.  At the very least, you should get GA4 set up and configured now for page views, event tracking and ecommerce data so that by July 2023 you will have around several months data in place.

Once that is set up, you should dip your toe in and start to familiarise yourself with what lies ahead in terms of data analysis so that’s it’s not a complete shock when you no longer have a choice.

When you are set up there are positives to GA4, it is better, and will allow for:

  • Enhanced reporting and visualisations
  • Enhanced engagement metrics
  • Default event tracking including clicks, scrolling behaviour, clicks and file downloads
  • More flexible event parameters
  • Better integration of website and app tracking data
  • Improved channel acquisition measurement


Our Google Analytics 4 Migration Package

We can help you prepare for GA4 and life after UA with the following services

Audit & Configure your existing Universal Analytics account: A full audit of your existing UA account to ensure that you are tracking data as accurately as possible.

Install & Configure Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics 4: Moving forward, we would highly recommend using Google Tag Manager to track GA4 page views, events and transactions. If you don’t have an account already, we can help set this up, and if you do, we can audit this to ensure all is set up correctly.

Setup & Configure Bespoke Reporting For Historical Data: We can also provide bespoke reporting dashboards that will migrate your key existing UA metrics such as page views, events, channel acquisition, goals, conversions and ecommerce data.

These dashboards are totally bespoke and will hold up to 50 key data points for your reference even when UA has been shut down completely and no longer accessible.

You can have up to 3 years’ worth of rolling data to look back on moving forward, for example:

From July 2023 you will be able to view data back to July 2020

From July 2024 you will be able to view data back to July 2021

From July 2025 you will be able to view data back to July 2022

From July 2026 you will be able to view data back to July 2023

After that, there will be no more UA data (unless you export this yourself to Excel or PDFs), but by July 2026, you will be fully versed in GA4, and UA will be distant memory.

Sound good? Contact me today and we can put a plan in place, and you can move this item from the important, but not interesting pile, to the done and dusted pile!

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Reaching Everywhere.

Helping HighDrive Reach everywhere! Working with Knew Productions Ltd we put together a promo video and short reels for Paid Social and Display Ads, driving traffic and conversions ahead of the busy autumn season.
HighDrive by Height for Hire is a 20m vehicle-mounted cherrypicker that can be driven on a standard car license, and is available for hire at over 180 collection points across the UK.

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This agency won’t eat itself.

What do I mean by eat itself? Whilst there are great agencies out there with strong cultures creating stellar work for their clients, there are also a lot of agencies that are made up of a handful of employees and a loose band of freelancers.

These freelancers roam from project to project selling their time and expertise, but at the same time trying to resist the politics and time drains of meetings, constantly managing the conflict that happens when you are independent, but also being paid by the person who is hiring you.

The employees become increasingly specialist in their areas, they observe the freelancers resisting the corporate structure and yet still getting their slice of the project and profits. They have built up good relationships with clients and so eventually some of them think, what if I was to leave to roam the freelance savannah, taking my chances and building my own empire?

So, they leave and hire their own tribe of employees and freelance specialists, and there we have the circle of agency life.

Does it really matter? In my experience clients don’t care that much about the method once they get results, but this constant transition and conflict about who are you working for drains time and energy and distracts from the fact that the person you should be working for is the client. This energy could be better spent doing the work. Also, an agency may favour their own inhouse staff over specialist experts because they are salaried, but they may not be the best people for the task.

Clients also have valuable people inhouse and often have other trusted relationships with third parties that span years, there are people who have an in-depth knowledge of their company and systems and this knowledge can’t always be easily transferred, but the mindset of ‘winning the business’ isn’t always compatible with collaborating and working with the skills and expertise already present in the business.

A real growth mindset should be based on collaboration not competition, otherwise you run the risk of offering solutions that are biased, and not as effective or efficient as they could be.

What if companies could only hire the knowledge and skills that they need but still have the benefit and convenience of a single point of contact?

That is a question I asked myself, and it is why I have started Eskdale. Eskdale is a network of knowledge experts, we work with companies to come up with innovative solutions and then we partner with them to deliver.

We aim to be transparent and lean so you can get the best specialist help exactly where you need it.

If this sounds interesting to you contact me today to see how we can help you.