July 2024

Your Nan’s on Instagram

At school pick up you learn a lot.

At school pick up you learn a lot. There is normally an intense ten minutes of conversation where parents talk at high speed before the kids come out. Last week’s hot topic was foolish teenagers posting pictures of themselves on Instagram with no thought about who would see it, as one of the mums pointed out “and I said to them, your Nan’s on Instagram!”
It made me laugh because as well as being the ideal title for the teenagers’ first rock album, it rang true, older people are on social. I think maybe marketers need to be reminded of this too If we take the age you could technically become a Nan or Granddad as bit on the young side as 45 and over (I know, I’m brushing the sides of this category myself), but that is the data I have available so go with me here.
27.3% of the over 45’s said Instagram was their favourite social platform.
And more for the ‘Nans’- 16.8% of women over 45 said Instagram was their favourite social platform.
And that is not counting all the over 45’s who are on Instagram, but it isn’t their favourite platform.
Many years ago, when I was working on a direct mail campaign for an agricultural company, we supercharged response rates by increasing the font size to 14 which made it much more accessible for our target audience of Irish farmers, most of which were over 60 and couldn’t actually read the small print.
Sometimes it is the obvious tweaks that can make all the difference. So next time you are looking at potential audiences, or product launches don’t forget:
Your Nan’s on Instagram.
Source: Digital 2022: Global Overview Report. gwi.com available at https://www.hootsuite.com/resources/digital-trends