October 2023

Citizen Success.

What the Government could learn from a Customer Success Manager.

This week I have been researching the role of the Customer Success manger in SaaS (software as service) in-between scrolling twitter and observing the dramatic and farcical collapse of our government and I have concluded that we should get rid of the role of Prime Minister and appoint a Citizen Success Manager instead.
This in particular from McKinsey hit hard, “Handled poorly, a company’s new emphasis on growth can undermine a customer’s trust in [Customer Service Managers] and create a sense that they are simply interested in increasing profits.”
The focus on pure growth and customer retention is now seen outmoded and the world of business has moved on from this to embrace the Experience Economy recognising that: Companies need a broader perspective, and they need to look at the sum of all the experiences customers have with their product or service across the entirety of their relationship with the company to remain competitive.
Unfortunately for us our government has not moved on to embrace this model, but if they did a Citizen Success Manager would look at how citizens engage with the government at many different touchpoints across healthcare, work, travel and education and they would aim to for each experience to be positive. They would measure citizen success by the outcomes for the citizens not for themselves, they would look beyond retention or staying in power and beyond the blunt tool of economic growth to actively engage with citizens to improve their happiness and success by looking at how they were living their lives and if they were achieving and progressing in the way they had hoped. By doing this they would ensure that they would stay in their job.
So, all hail the Citizen Success Manager, its not a job I will be applying for yet though, I think we all need a break from Lizzies.